About Us

D Findar Company Ltd. is an online, digital platform that allows businesses to register, sell and advertise their product and service offerings in new ways on a single, digital platform. dFindar offers lots of unqiue features that makes online shopping and selling a more interactive and fun experince 

dFindar shopping platform is designed to connect businesses with customers and consumers. dFindar brings business and customers together in new ways like never before! We allow customers to find businesses in one centra hub and offer companies the opportunity to be discovered by customers actively searching for their product and services. We connect B2B and B2C and offer new solutions, allowing businesses to reach, interact and communicate with customers like never before!

dFindar is an interactive, hosting platform, designed for B2b and B2C services. We represent an online shopping platform for wholesalers, suppliers, manufactures, and retailers. dFindar hosts an online shopping experience for all B2B and B2C businesses. dFindar is designed to connect manufactures, suppliers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, making it easier for products and services to be discovered by consumers and customers. dFindar has gone a step further, we connect companies with new ways to reach, engage and communicate with customers and consumers. dFindar offers an alternative to the traditional approaches to trading your products and services and we present new methods for boosting business sales.

We offer opportunities for businesses to increase their sales locally, regionally, and internationally. We help businesses realise cost efficiencies in their business operations, and improve their profitability. If you’re a manufacture, supplier, distributor, marketeer, wholesaler, retailer or an enthusiast entrepreneur, dFindar is where you and your business needs to be. dFindar is the ideal digital shopping experience for B2B and B2C businesses as they can list all relevant information related to their company range for product and service offerings in great detail. Bring the quality and superiority of your products and services to the forefront and benefit from lead generation and build your online presence and brand awareness with dFindar!