About Us

dFindar is a unique digital online platform developed to assist businesses and consumers in unique ways. It’s designed to facilitate the entire supply chain of goods and services, from suppliers to consumers on a single digital platform (including website and apps).

dFindar offers numerous features that allows businesses and service providers to develop their online channel without bearing the high costs associated with developing, maintaining and marketing these channels. dFindar also offers vendors a low risk, high reward strategy, there are no registration fees. Our policy is No Cure No Pay, only pay a small commission when customers purchase from you online store via our platform.

Customers will benefit by being able to view and purchase online by company, products, services and choosing the best product suitable for them. dFindar makes it easy for customers to shop from their favourite businesses by offering a single, centralised platform. One app, all their shopping needs!

The primary objective of dFindar is to allow local businesses to develop and build their online presence, whilst also providing opportunities for businesses to expand and scale their business internationally.

User friendly and readily available, sign up and download the app now!